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We are in a gay relationship and have been for two years. We have kept it secret, however, due to the age difference and the perceived social stigma attached. I am completely solvent — indeed, I pay over my share — so this is definitely not a sugar daddy arrangement.

  1. Savage Love Letter of the Day: Older Man Can't Have LTR Because He's Only Attracted to Younger Guys.
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  5. My partner is much older than me. Is our relationship unsustainable?;

I have always been interested in older men, but never thought it could work because of the age gap. It started casually but we both soon realised that we were very good together and have had a very happy two years. But is a relationship like this unsustainable and am I going to hurt my partner more by continuing it?

This young man, by means of his answers, convinced me that not only was he not seeking a Sugar Daddy, he took my barrage of questions as a sign that I was not the local perv and persisted his request to meet. In addition, this young man had never been with a man sexually.

The pros and cons of younger/older relationships

Oh my goodness, the red flags are flying everywhere. Several of his interests actually align with my own liking hiking, camping and exploring the night sky. Only time will tell. That will be my focus and consider anything else that becomes of it, a bonus. The moral of my story, I guess is: I almost missed out on meeting an incredible person due to a silly self imposed age restricted guideline. Keep an open mind. Seek a friend first.

Smile often and laugh more. It works! Ive stareted dating a man who is 20 years younger than me. He is 49 and I am He has an amazing career, owns his own home has bought a seaside cottage and is a mature man.

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I am 69 retired from my profession as an Architect and have been a full time Real Estate agent for two years as a second career. I own my own home and tcare of all my own finances and have an adult daughter who I love dearly and is on her own. My new relationship is touching me deeply and he is feeling the same. I am tired of hearing that I am too OLD. Why is there such ageism in the gay community?

I am not dating a man in his 20s. I am dating a mature beautiful man who has carved out a life for himself. Whats going on? By the way my BFF is Is there something in that? Thank You. Your email address will not be published. Gay San Diego updated their cover photo. Now at your local news stand or visit us online at gay-sd. All rights reserved. Saturday, April 13, Home Columns.

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Here is that column. Have a great mentor in your lover and feel secure with them. Encourage them to stay active and healthy. Impeach the motherfucker already!

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