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I was a MP candidate for the Rhinoceros Party in the most recent federal election. Running around non-stop managing a thousand projects at the same time. My dazzling good looks, my even greater intelligence and literary talent, my impeccable blend of sarcasm and sincerity but truly above all else my prodigious humility. Without a doubt, I am the most enjoy-ably humble man on the planet.

Facetious answers, cookie-cutter questions, the need to communicate Contemporary poetics and post-internet art, queer theory and continental philosophy, digital sociolinguistics and hellenics.

My Escort Interview. Sensual, intelligent student specializing in BFE. I'm a passionate kisser, versatile, have a bubble butt that will squeeze your dick off and a well-hung cock that'll make you moan.

I'm also a talented deep tissue masseur. I take pride in what I do, and consider it very moral.

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I'm out to my parents and friends. Please don't contact me if you're in an exclusive relationship.

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Go to my profile. Kraftoolstrasse 1, Hohenthurn, Austria!

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Enjoy culinary excellence with delicious food, fine wines and high-end champagne. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about returning home late at night, just stay in one of our 24 comfortable rooms. Watch the sun rise over the majestic Carinthian mountains. Our club is located near Villach.

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